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About Tarmacadam

Tarmacadam is a modern material crafted from a mix of tar, sand and gravel. Though its use in garden surfacing is uncommon, tarmacadam is trusted by governments and locals all around the world to pave their roads, making it an ideal candidate for domestic driveways. Our tarmacadam driveways can be mixed in a whole rainbow of colours and styles to suit you and your home. Tarmacadam is quick to apply and doesn't require nearly as much maintenance as you might think to keep it in top shape.


Allow Regal Drives to construct your new driveway or upgrade your existing one from tarmacadam. Tarmacadam is an extremely durable material that looks classy and will keep in use for decades to come. 

Colours and Styles

Tarmacadam can be mixed in a whole range of different styles and colours to suit you personally.


All our tarmacadam driveways are suitable for concrete strip and block paved edgings to add a further layer of customisation to your driveway.

Drainage is another common feature of tarmacadam driveways that we offer. All our newly constructed tarmacadam driveways come with a sizable drainage system to keep your home and front garden high and dry and prevent the build up of puddles that might deny certain vehicles access.


  1. Durable thin asphalt system
  2. Economical solution
  3. Tough, skid-resistance surface​
  4. Noise reduction
  5. Deformation resistant
  6. Quick to install – reduces disruption and costs​
  1. Remove the current driveway surface

  2. Grade your driveway slope

  3. Compact the base soil

  4. Cover the base soil with crushed rock

  5. Pack the crushed rock into the subsoil

  6. Allow the base to settle for a week

  7. Compact the asphalt with a heavy roller

  8. Treat the edges of the driveway

The tarmacadam mixture is laid while hot and viscous, levelled and compacted, and then allowed to cool so that it binds to form a solid, hard-wearing surface.
Wherever possible, tarmacadam driveways should be laid using a suitable paving machine as this ensures the best compression and therefore finish.
Sometimes it is not possible to use a machine in areas such as small garden paths, but your contractor will use alternative methods.