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Why Resin?

*High quality, permeable, resin bound Paving*

Customer satisfaction is our success.

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If your driveway looks tired and has corrosion, then the most effective and durable solution is a strong resin surface.

Resin Driveways

Regal Drives can design, construct and repair beautiful resin bound driveway surfaces for your home.

Resin driveways are completely porous and are perfect for any drainage problem areas. Resin bound driveways are bespokely designed to meet the latest in anti-flooding regulations. The sustainable and rock-solid supply ensures that this is an eco-freindly and maintenance free product. Resin bound driveways are highly customisable to give the front of your home a unique look that rivals any of the alternatives when it comes to hard driveway surfacing.

Why use a permeable driveway?

There have been recent changes made to planning permission law, and in particular, new legislation has been introduced to reduce the amount of surface run off water and the risk of floods in settlements across the UK.

Beginning in 2008, if a new driveway project or front paved area uses a permeable surfacing system such as resin bound gravel you will not require planning permission.

We avoid not only the need for planning permission, but also the need for additional drainage systems.


Resin Bond

Resin Bond

Resin Bond is a spray and scatter system, resin is sprayed onto the existing surface, which is usually a concrete or tarmacadam driveway, and rock aggregate is scattered on top. While this is a cost-effective solution to updating a driveway surface, this is not desirable as it tends to be uneven and wears away easily. It is a cheaper alternative to resin bound surfacing but the surface is rough whereas a resin bound surface provides a smoother, more aesthetic finish. Both durable but the resin bound has the edge on the resin bond surface.


Resin Bound

Resin Bound

Resin Bound is the kind of surfacing we specialise in at Regal Drives Ltd. This solution is made by mixing together the aggregate stones and resin beforehand, then pouring it onto a concrete or tarmac base and smoothing it down by hand using trowels. This bespoke approach to driveway, path and patio surfacing gives a surface that is far more even and appealing to customers whilst also having the durability to last years without any further repairs. Resin bound surfacing is more popular than resin bond.  The smooth surface makes it easier for disability vehicles and wheelchair users. A variety of edgings can be used to compliment or contrast the resin surfacing driveway, path or patio.


  • Free-Draining
  • No Planning Permission Required
  • Low Maintenance
  • Anti-slip Options​
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • ECO friendly