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About Block Paving

Block paving is a common site throughout the UK, from the footpaths on the High Street to many domestic driveways. Block pavers provide a versatile, strong and aesthetically pleasing flooring that can be used in any number of applications, including driveways, roads, footpaths, car parks, patios, steps, and many more. We can help with all of your block paving needs, with expert advice and the UK’s leading paving installers.

Block Paving Applications

Block Paving makes a wonderful material for domestic driveways, and its easy to see why. With so many options available, for the pattern, colours, edgings and even optional emblems or other embedded designs, block paving has a popularity to it that's almost as big as it is durable.

Block paving is traditional, tried and tested. It stands up to all kinds of vehicles from cars to trucks to lorries without cracking under the strain.

Its low-maintenance nature makes it ideal for this sort of application, as once it is laid, it can remain crisp and pristine for years afterward.

Individual designs can be incorporated into the main block paved design

There are also a variety of edgings to choose from to either blend in or contrast with the main block pave design.

Block paving can also make great patios in addition to driveways and paths. The sturdiness and highly customisable surface of block paving can be configured and reconfigured to suit any garden, providing a social hub from which the rest of your garden space can spread out and flourish.

Paths provide a great layer of visual clarity and accessibility to your garden. Block paving makes a great fit for this purpose as it doesn't require frequent repairs and is long lasting.


At the heart of a good block paving system is some effective drainage. All of our new block paving driveways come with a suitable drainage solution in order to remain compliant with the latest anti-flooding standards.

Block paving can be used as edging for many different paving surfaces. Edging refers to the material that contains the hard surface. Typically this is constructed from thin, grey concrete blocks. Block paving can fill this role as well, providing a sturdy and eye-catching edging to your block paving or tarmacadam driveway without breaking the bank.


Over time, your block paving driveway can accumulate grease and grime from oncoming vehicles, feet and the elements. This is where our comprehensive jet washing service comes in. Our high-pressure nozzle scrapes the dirt from the hard surface using water sprayed on under high pressure. This is usually combined with resanding to ensure the blocks don't begin to wobble after the surface is dry.

Jet washing clears away weeds and leaves your driveway looking like brand new.

Regal Drives are used to replacing blocks and loose sand in block paved surfaces by now. We've been doing it long enough! With all our years of experience, you can be safe in knowing that your driveway will be pulled far from disaster using our comprehensive repair service. Cracks, splits, missing blocks... no matter what issues you are having with your driveway, we'll be there to help.

Driveway sealant is a clear resin that is spread over the top of the block paving surface to provide an extra layer of protection. Sealing can provide your driveway with a slick, glossy finish that is not only stylish, but functional.

What do we offer?

We offer a range of driveway services including block paving, tarmacing, shingle, concrete and driveway repair.